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"How to Film Protests" series http://www.witness.org

From http://www.witness.org | WITNESS uses video to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations.

This video is part of a five-part "How to Film Protests" series, which incorporates the best practices WITNESS has developed with over 300 p

artners in 80 countries who are using video for human rights documentation and to create lasting change.

From raw documentation of human rights violations in Syria to the Occupy protests and the range of police abuse and misconduct therein, citizen video is an increasingly powerful tool for human rights documentation.

Now more than ever we need to ensure that the footage that we capture as activists incorporates essential information like the exact date, time and location so it may best be used by the media, as evidence, and for advocacy. Additionally, we need to pay special attention to the unique safety and security risks that we face as filmmakers and activists, as well as risks to those we capture in our footage.

--- How-to Film Safely and Effectively for Human Rights ---

This video series is broken into small, two-minute videos, and focuses on how to best prepare to film, choose and test your equipment, get good footage, film as part of a team and conduct interviews.

Whether you're filming the May 1st Occupy Wall Street protests and events or just want to be prepared to best use your camera phone if you are in the wrong place at the right time, watch these how-to videos to be best prepared to capture good footage that will be engaging, informative and can be used for potential advocacy and evidentiary use.

We are excited to share these tips in video and text. Let us know how they are useful for you, and what you would add to make them even better by adding comments to the videos or at http://blog.witness.org From http://www.witness.org |

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