sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2013

#1JUN #Occupy #Indignados #Anonymous #Europe One for ALL People United Against the Troika 4 STEPS 4 Live Broadcast

This is a call to all the ones that next 1st June will take the streets against TROIKA that have a 3rd generation phone with internet connection.

 It’s important to show to the ones that can't go to the streets what is really happening, the general media has more than proved who they defend, and what will they show, so it’s time for citizens to show the truth, each one of us can be broadcasters.

#1JUN #Occupy #Indignados #Anonymous #Europe      

One for ALL  People United Against the Troika

The Peoples March showen by the peoples

The purpose of this pad is to create a Global live stream network for the actions taking place on 1st June

4 steps 4 live broadcast

With a 3rd Generation phone with internet you can broadcast live your protest

1st Step - Get a 3G phone with internet

2nd Step - At your phone Install the app Bambuser available in and create a profile

3rd Step - Choose a Protest

4rd Step- SHARE your Profile Link at the pad so we can create An  European Streaming Network for the 1st of June Protests

Good Streams - Be Safe